Pay Sales Tax in QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions (Toll Free Number : +1-877-249-9444)

Confirm the Taxes Due: 
Sellers Deals Tax Deals Tax Liability 
Ensure that the dates of risk are LAST MONTH - take note of the sums because of every office and the sums due: 

Come back to Vendors, Sales Tax, at that point select Pay Sales Tax: 

At the point when the window opens, pay one office at any given moment… first do the one that correct (normally NV Dept of Taxation – City of East Bayshore in this illustration). Make sure to set the right financial balance from which to deduct the monies, at that point set the date of the withdrawal and above all, set the assessment risk date – ought to be a month ago under show deals charge due through date. At last decide whether you need QB to appoint a check number or in the event that you want to do as such at a later time, select "to be printed": 

Presently come back to Vendor, Sales Tax, Pay Tax window to pay the expenses that require adjusting: 

Select all expenses (they both go to a similar duty organization) Select the ADJUST ca…